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Customer Care

Your health is paramount to us.
Wild Arabic Herbs shows special care for all buyers and patients, before and after purchase, and throughout the treatment and use of our treatments. We give patients the necessary advice on the use of treatments and on nutrition and healthy lifestyle, according to the needs of each.

Privacy & Safety

Wild Arabic Herbs applies the principle of patient rights and privacy in all its activity and with all patients without exception!

Medicine has its principles and no health institution, public or private, is allowed to publish the patient's identity or share his contact with third parties, and it is the right of every patient not to infringe on his privacy.

No one wants to be bothered by strangers, nor will you want anyone to contact you after being cured and cured of your illness, which you probably do not want to remember anymore.

In addition, this would be a kind of exploitation of patients for our own interests… and in addition, it paves the way for abuse and fraud by introducing relatives or collaborators to appear as cured patients!

Therefore, if you are looking for healed patients or witnesses who testify for us, you will not find them here!

So this is not the way to make sure our cures are effective, but you can ask relatives or friends who know us or who have been treated by us for various ailments, and their number is ever-increasing, in any provinces of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Europe and USA.

Also, learn more about us and our work or the way we treat, by reading inside the articles we have published and publish regularly on our website, and you will learn that everything is based on science, knowledge and trial, and everything is at the highest level of real natural medicine.

We would not exaggerate if we said that we are many steps ahead of conventional medicine in the treatment of certain diseases, and in the way of treating diseases in general, or that you see in us the real medicine of the future!

You remember! Regardless of any treatment or medicine, it is God Who heals and who makes a medicine work or not.

May God grant speedy recovery to all the sick, and complete health to all!

Wholesale Inquiries

If you buy more, you will spend less. WAH offers special wholesale prices to those who have to pursue long-term treatments.


You can discuss with us everything about the duration and cost of the treatment you need.


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Bank Payments