Heliantheum - For Stomach Tumors


Heliantheum is one of the components of the herbal cure studied and produced especially for patients with different types of stomach cancer, whether beginner or advanced.


In addition to fighting cancer cells naturally and without any damage or side effects, Heliantheum has many positive effects on the body, including:


- Fights acids that cause cell damage.


- Helps build healthy cells.


- Prevents the formation of gastric mucosa.


- Strengthens the stomach walls.


- Prevents excessive stomach acid, inhibits prostaglandin synthesis, tumor cell growth, gastric bleeding and gastric motility.


- Fights the formation of metastatic cancer cell development.


- Reduces pain and damage caused by conventional treatments.




- Heliantheum and all our products are not fabricated or commercial, but they are specially prepared directly from wild desert plants.


- Heliantheum is completely safe for everyone and has no side effects.


- No chemical preservatives, no artificial colors or added chemicals.


- Prescribed along with ot