Aronychia - Kidney & UT Health


- Aronychia contains a variety of wild desert plants specifically designed to support urinary tract health.


- This formula acts as a mild natural diuretic to support the healthy functioning of the kidneys and give a calming effect to the genitourinary mucous membrane.


- Aronychia helps to treat urinary tract infection (Cystitis) in a radical way, completely natural and without side effects.


- Helps cure kidney malignancy and renal insufficiency.


- Helps cure various kidney conditions, such as: Azotemia, Uremia and kidney failure.


- Assists patients on dialysis in cases of complete or partial renal failure.


- Fights Glomerulonephritis.


- Helps reduce high creatinine levels.


- Cleanses the kidneys of stones and crystals.


- Treats kidney cysts.


- Helps stabilize blood pressure and strengthens the blood.


- Helps treat urinary disorders and bedwetting.




- Our products are not fabricated or commercial, but they are specially prepared directly

from wild desert plants.


- Aronychia is completely safe for everyone, and has no side effects.


- Prescribed along with other products of the complete package of support of the kidneys and urinary tract.


- The product is in the form of capsules and is taken 3 times a day by 1 capsule.

Aronychia - Kidney & UT Health

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