Arabisamg - For Kidney and Pancreas health


- Arabisamg helps cure kidney failure and fights their infections.


- Fights infections in the urinary tract, including the prostate gland.


- Stimulates the adrenal glands for the production of relevant hormones.


- Fights adrenal fatigue and its symptoms.


- Helps treat Type II Diabetes, Obesity and obesity.


- Excellent diuretic.


- Increases the body's metabolic activity.


- Stimulates the sensation of the hormone Leptin and Fights resistance to it.


- Fights insulin resistance, stimulates the pancreas.


- Prevents and cures the complications of diabetes.


- Stimulates the digestive tract, fights gastritis, helps digestion.


- Prevents cancer cells in the pancreas, stomach, colon and urinary tract.




- Our products are specially prepared for each patient directly from wild desert plants.


- Arabisamg is a safe herbal product with no side effects.


- No preservatives, additives or harmful chemicals.


- Recommended together with other products for certain conditions.


- The product is in the form of capsules and is taken 3 times a day from 1 capsule.


- Our capsules are Vegetarian, Halal, 100% natural, easily digested and quickly absorbed by

the digestive system.


Arabisamg - Kidney & Pancreas Health

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